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Life After

Published September 1, 2012 by shawndaltonsmith

Life After was relased on June 1st!

Kalyste Spradlin has it all. By the time she is thirty, her women’s magazine is about to go international. She has money, beauty, youth, happiness, and about to marry the man of her dreams. Until the night before her wedding, she is killed by a drunk driver, her best friend Chantal. When she wakes up in Haven, and told that she has to embrace her new life after death, she is hell-bent on revenge. And that’s exactly where her actions may lead her. In hell.

Jude has been a counselor in Haven for the past thirty-two years when he gets his first tough assignment. A woman who had everything to live for, and doesn’t want to let her old life go. Jude must help Kalyste embrace her new life in Haven. If she doesn’t, and decides to seek revenge on the woman who killed her, he will be duty bound to hunt Kalyste down once she re-enters the human realm, and kill her. Jude never expected to fall in love with Kalyste, but it will all come crashing down on him. The woman who killed her is his daughter, Chantal. Life After. Not your average ghost story.

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Published May 31, 2012 by shawndaltonsmith

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Somiar Ayers has lived most of her life carefree. She is the daughter of Monica Ayers, the wealthy owner of several luxury resorts all over the world. She always knew she could control her dreams and looked at it as a harmless escape from reality. Or so she thought.

One night she gets a call from Monica requesting an urgent meeting. Monica tells her that she is adopted and her birth mother was part of a group of assassins called Dreamers. When Dreamers go to sleep at night, they astral project anywhere they want to go. They can change their appearance and leave no DNA or fingerprints. Her birth mother has been caught and only Somiar can get her back.

Malachi Walker’s job as a wealthy hotel owner is the perfect cover for his inherited job as a Dream Catcher. His only passion is to rid the world of Dreamers, particularly the one that killed his best friend.

When he meets Somiar Ayers, his first instinct is to protect her at all costs. He beleives she is being hunted by a Dreamer, the very Dreamer he is looking for.

Somiar must find her mother before Malachi realizes who she is. On her journey, she finds that nothing is as it seems, and she doesn’t know who to trust.

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