Characters in my books

“Life After”

Hero: Jude Whitten: Lespri empath. Counselor at Haven. Has been given the task to make sure Kalyste accepts her new life at Haven. The Oracles thought it was a fair assignment. After all, he is partially responsible for her death.

Heroine: Kalyste Spradlin: New Lespri resident at Haven, and not happy about it. She had everything to live for and it was all snatched away by the woman she loved like a sister. Has the power of telekinesis, power enhancing and sharing, and levitation.

Villain: Nicolette: Lespri seer at Haven. All seers can render themselves invisible and render a Haven resident unconscious. Beautiful, possessive, and conniving, Nicolette has never let anyone get in the way of what she wants. And what she wants is Jude. Kalyste is nothing but a speed bump. Getting her out of Haven should be easy.

Additional Characters:

Ella: Resident of Haven and married to Blake. Best friend to Kalyste and Jude. Power of telepathy.

Blake: Resident of Haven. Husband to Ella, best friend to Jude. Blake wears many hats. Besides being a counselor to the new residents at Haven, he is also a Lespri soldier sent to destroy rogue Lespri. Also does pre-marital counseling to the men at Haven. Power of projection. Can show projections of anyone’s life be it past, present and up to two days into the future.

Chantal Sloan: Human. Daughter to Jude. Married to Ryan Sloan. Was best friend to Kalyste. Haunted by the night Kalyste died, Chantal is fighting to maintain her sanity.

Ryan Sloan: Human. Was the fiance to Kalyste before her death. Is now married to Chantal.

The Oracles: There are 12 Lespri Oracles at Haven, 5 Women and 7 Men. All Lespri oracles are descendants of Clodio, the first Lespri. Their duties are to maintain peace and enforce the laws of Haven. They are also charged with keeping Haven hidden and safe. Though they share in each others powers, they have 3 main powers that are uniquely theirs.

The Men:

Clodio: First Lespri Oracle: Died 1300. Powers: Atmokinesis (Can control the weather)
Power negation (Can temporarily cancel another power)

Ari: Died 1492. Powers: Dreamwalker (Can enter another’s dream either as an observer or a participant)
Animal mimicry (can take on the ability of any animal)

Jivan: Died 1528. Powers: Duplication (Can duplicate himself or others)
Mass manipulation (can manipulate mass)
Time Travel (Cannot travel to the future, only the past)

Najac: Died 1590. Powers: Force field generation
Deflection (Can turn another’s powers back on them)
Energy conversion (Can turn one form of energy into another)

Ankal: Died 1600. Powers: Photographic memory
Pyrokinesis (The ability to control fire)
Summoning (Can summon anyone to anyplace or send them anywhere)

Omari: Died 1791. Powers: Power sensing (Can sense another’s power and know what it is)
Power mimicking (Can mimic any power)

Bala: Died 1860. Powers: Anticipation (can anticipate a person’s next move. Very handy in a fight)
Aerokinesis (ability to control air or wind)
Power of illusion

The Women:

Modelaine: Died 1390. Powers: Cryokenesis(The ability to drop the temperature or freeze anything)
Astral projection
Morphing(the ability to change her appearance)

 Florete: Died 1690. Powers: Can control plant life. Able to make any plant grow, die, bloom, etc
Invisibility. (Not just herself but any person or object)
Superhuman agility

Alizan: Died 1700. Powers: Probability (Can see all probable outcomes to any situation) Disintegration (Can disintegrate anything with a touch) Time manipulation (Can stop time. Unable to fast forward or reverse time)

Marguerite: Died 1791. Powers: Mental Projection. (Can show anyone’s thoughts to others)
Innate capability (Can instantly master what would take most people years to learn)
Omni-Liguism: (Can understand any language)

 Brailee: Died 1901. Powers: Light manipulation
Technopathy (the ability to control technology)
Empathy (Can feel the emotions of others)



Hero: Malachi Walker: A Dream Catcher. Has been a Catcher for seven years. Never met a Dreamer he liked. Especially when a Dreamer tried to decapitate him and killed the man who was like a father to him. His motto: “The only good Dreamer is a dead one, or at least one that has been put out of commission.” Best friend is Stephen Prescott.

Heroine: Somiar Ayers: A Dreamer. Has a love of pink tea roses. Given the ultimate task of finding and rescuing her birth mother. Never thought she’d be the one in need of rescuing, and the thought makes her sick to her stomach. Motto:A dreamless sleep is a peaceful one.

Villain: Monica-Head of the Dreamers. Also known as The Black Rose by the Catchers. Known to the Legacy as Somni de lider (dream leader). Since Monica has no heir to take her place in the Legacy, she must convince Somiar to join the Legacy. The only price? Everyone she loves.

The Legacy: Group of twelve powerful women in charge of the Dreamers and mortal enemies of the Dream Catchers and The Keepers. Legacy positions are handed down from mother to daughter. Their true names are unknown. All members go by code names.

Members include: Rose-Dreamer from Russia

Lily-Dreamer from Luxembourg

Violet-Dreamer from Vienna

Iris-Dreamer from Ireland

Daisy-Dreamer from Denmark

Dahlia-Dreamer from New Delhi

Posey-Dreamer from Panama

Blossom-Dreamer from Bolivia

Jasmine-Dreamer from Jamaica

Willow-Dreamer from Western Samoa

Chloe-Dreamer from Catalonia

Belle-Deamer from Bangkok

Additional Characters:

Leila: Dreamer. Married to the late Richard Drake. Biological mother of Somiar Ayers and Lucien Drake. Determined to set the record straight about the history of the Dreamers and Catchers. Biggest worry is staying alive and keeping her children safe.

Lucien Drake: Son of Leila and the late Richard Drake. Life turned upside down when it is revealed he is from a long line of men called Dream Catchers. Now that his life is on the line, his first mission is to find the ones responsible.

Stephen Prescott: Dream Catcher. Best friend to Malachi Walker. On the fast track to becoming a Dream Keeper. The only thing holding him back? Finding the Dreamer that murdered his original partner.

Luke: One of many Dream Keepers. Luke wears many hats. Keeps track of Dream Catchers and approves of their assignments. A chemist with a specialty in genetics. Head of the Keepers in the metro Atlanta area.

Phillip & Enoch: Twin brothers. Dream Keepers. Report directly to Luke. Major job is search and rescue of Catchers.

Jared: Dream Catcher. Has a day job as chief of police in the Atlanta area. Very good at covering up messes left by Dreamers and Catchers.



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