Review Date: Wednesday 1/18/2012

Amazing! I do not know if this review will give appropriate justice to not only the storyline but the presentation. Dreamers, is a story of heartfelt emotion. The emotion is not subject to one area but it covers all areas from joy, love, laughter, new found discoveries to loss and heartache

This was a really great sweet romance that is so hard to come by these days. Touching, emotional, sexy, this paranormal really packed a sexy studly punch. Mrs. Smith has really done a wonderful job not only showcasing the setting but in her ability to keep the reader…me…engaged and interested. I find that with some paranormals they get a little over the top or lack enough description for me to “stay up with the story”. Totally not the case with this one, she did an excellent job of bringing out the emotions of human beings in the purest of forms.

A Dreamy Novel about two people destined to destroy each other but fated to be together, Dreamers is a sweet romance with sweet sex.  Mrs. Smith’s characters were realistic, likable and endearing. The plot was one almost everyone can relate to. The ending was heartwarming, A very romantic dream, a true LOVE story.


Review Date: Tuesday 1/31/2012

This book was absolutely lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from the moment I started and was saddened to see the final page. The book captures your attention from the first page and keeps you guessing about what’s going to happen next. I believe that the author has a few more great stories to spin and will put her at the top of my to read list. I also love the “Dreamers” concept… to be able to control your dreams… a fantastic idea indeed!

Angel T

Review Date: Thursday 3/01/2012

Although this writer is a newcomer, I really enjoyed the book. I was pleasantly surprised. I have read paranormal romances before (Ciana Stone) and find that I enjoy that genre among others. I like a book that’s graphic but with a happy ending. Ms Dalton-Smith’s book had all the elements that makes a great African American romance novel. I eagerly await her next book and will continue to support this writer. Great story teller and with a very vivid imagination.

Jacqueline W

Review Date: Wednesday 3/07/2012

This book is with out a doubt amazing… A page turner from the minute i picked it up. The characters were amazing, and the sequence of events kept me on edge the entire time… definitely looking forward to reading it again and anxiously waiting for the next book from this author… Paranormal romance… I would of never thought those two go hand and hand… I love it!!!!

Mz Delite

Review Date: Friday 6/22/2012

In Shawn Dalton-Smith’s Life After offers a different take on the world of ghost.

At a time when everything is going her way Kalyste is killed. When she wakes up some time later she finds herself in a beautiful room and a comfortable bed, only to find that she has died. Now she has to come to terms with not only that she’s dead and lost everything, but who is responsible for her death. If she can’t she might turn rogue and have to live with the consequences.

Jude is the reason why Kalyste is dead. To pay for his sins he has been tasked with counseling Kalyste and helping her deal with her future. He never expected to fall in love along the way and somehow he needs to tell her the role he played in the end of her life.

Well written imaginative story line, except for some predictable parts. I can see this world the author has created turning into an interesting series.


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